Your Universal Cybersecurity Operator

Our mission

Computer attacks, hacking, external or internal threats, known or unknown vulnerabilities, flaws in social networks... In all cases, the risks are multi-faceted and have a considerable impact on companies: loss of business, loss of reputation, theft of sensitive data... For companies and large organisations, it is becoming urgent to identify and neutralise IT security breaches and prevent any imminent risk of attacks.

Innovative compagny, Cyberprotect is the answer to quickly detect and considerably reduce cyber risks and impacts following a computer attack. Cyberprotect constantly monitors the effectiveness of the cybersecurity of companies and organizations.

Our fields of expertise

  • Cybersecurity
  • Cyber Threat Intelligence (CTI)
  • Résilience
  • Incident Responses
  • Traceability

A team of experts dedicated to your cybersecurity

Created in 2004 by a group of experts in cybersecurity, cybercrime and insurance, Cyberprotect is an operator of managed solutions and services: True experts in the protection of your information system, we guarantee the security of your systems: Cloud Networking, data center, security and managed services.

Cyberprotect's team of experts and operations center will assist you on a daily basis to prevent cyber threats that can directly impact your business.

Our values


Innovation and excellence


Listening and support


Trust and discretion


Availability and proximity

Enter Cyberprotect's universe

Our managed services

We are a Managed Services Operator in the field of cybersecurity. Our Cyberproverse Managed Services are dedicated to the management of your CyberSecurity. We monitor your flows, respecting the confidentiality of your data.

Cyberproverse, managed services without constraint and all inclusive.


Managed monitoring service

All-in-one managed service dedicated to the management of your Cybersecurity: Exchange, control, alert and support.


SD-WAN Managed Service

Providing a truly managed, secure and permanently available corporate network


Endpoint Managed Service

Maintaining machines in operational and safety condition.


SOC SIEM managed service

Collection, processing and analysis of indicators. Provision of formatted information.


Cloud Managed Service

Securing resources and applications hosted in the public cloud.


Firewall/ Proxy /WAF Managed Service

Centralized management of security systems.

Time saving

-You concentrate on your job.
-You delegate your security to our team of experts.
-Continuous training of your employees.

Our commitments

- We guarantee the permanent availability of your network.
- A level of expert services and adherence to deadlines.
- An optimized and maximum level of security.

Cost optimization

- Cost containment.
- We exploit what is in place.
- Our services include the evolution of technologies.


Our certifications


We are part of FIRST, an international confederation of trusted computer incident response teams that cooperatively manage computer security incidents and promote incident prevention programs.


We're a CERT, a computer emergency response team. More information

Key figures

2004 creation

17 employees
12 cybersecurity experts

+100 customers

Zero service breakdown

+3 Mrd d’évènements
de sécurité traités/ jour

1,6M protected systems

Service 24/7/365d

750M IOC en base Cyberprotect

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