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Authorized to Use CERT(TM) CERT is a mark owned by Carnegie Mellon University

CERT Cyberprotect

The missions of CERT Cyberprotect are :

  • To detect vulnerabilities in information system in order to reduce the risks of intrusion;
  • To solve the incidents by using the team of incident response of IT security;
  • To support its customers to security changes when it’s necessary;
  • To provide preventive information to its customers;
  • To alert customer when malware is detected on infrastructure network.

Our CYBERPROTECT CERT meets the recommendations of RFC2350:

To contact Our CERT Cyberprotect, please use our dedicated email address: csirt [at]

In case of emergency, you can contact us with the following phone number: +33 (0)4 81 76 06 03.

For any encrypted communication, please use our PGP key with the identifier 0xC455F7AD.